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Sharathon 2020 - TOGETHER

Lighthouse FM’s annual Sharathon is ON NOW!

Click the Donate button here on our website, or call

745-8627 or 1-888-740-8627

to help us reach our goal of $60,000.

We serve a mighty God, and with His help…and yours…we can do this…



Q: What exactly is a Sharathon?

Annual fund-raiser for our not-for-profit, non-commercial station held once a year. We are trying to raise the listeners’ portion of our operational expenses for the year.  Our show hosts pay for airtime, so that helps bring in money for our budget, as well. The financial gifts that come in from listeners like you during Sharathon allow us to keep broadcasting for the next year!

Q: How much money are you raising? Where does it all go?

$60,000 over the next 12 months goes to directly pay for the station’s operational expenses. Those expenses include things like equipment maintenance and repair, power bill for the tower, licensing fees, and staff salaries — among many other things.

Q: How long does Sharathon last?

November 2-4th, 2020

Q: I’d like to make a financial gift to Lighthouse FM. Where do I start?

Donate directly online via our website at , call locally 745-8627, or toll-free long-distance 888-740-8627. You can mail your gift to Lighthouse FM, 1041 Topsail Road, Mount Pearl, NL.

Q: I noticed you often thank donors on the air. Can I make a pledge and remain anonymous?

Yes, absolutely! We must take your personal information in order to mail you important information regarding your gift, but you may inform us while making your pledge that you wish to remain anonymous, and we will not read your name on the air or make 0it public in any way.

Q: I’m not really sure how much to give. Are there certain popular giving levels?

Yes! While you are free to give any amount you wish (in monthly installments or as a one-time gift), there are a few giving levels that are quite popular with our listeners.  These include:

  • Dollar-a-Day ($30/mo)
  • Half-Day Sponsor (just over $20/mo): You can help sponsor a day of programming on Lighthouse FM! With a half-day sponsorship, you’ll get 6 announcements of a personalized message on the day of your choice (pending availability).
  • Full-Day Sponsor (just over $40/mo):  You can also sponsor a full day of programming!  You’ll hear 12 announcements of your personalized message on air each day!
Q: I sometimes hear things about people “matching” my money...what does that mean?

Some generous listeners make “matching challenges” with their pledges. For example, a donor might tell us that if we can raise $5000 in the next hour, they will “match” that contribution with another $5000! That means your gift goes twice as far! The announcers will announce if and when there are any matching challenges currently available.

Q: I’d like to make a large donation or a matching challenge. How do I do this?

We’re thankful for your generosity! You may call our toll-free line at 888-740-8627, and we will forward you to the right person to help you with your pledge.

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Lighthouse FM has land for sale on our Kenmount Road tower site!

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Property For Sale

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