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Otso Ylรถnen from Salo, Finland wrote on 27 September, 2019 at 2:11 PM:

I am a distant radio listener from Europe. I have the opportunity to listen to North American AM radio during the night time from early fall to springtime. I listened to VOAR on 1210 AM many times during the last season. Now, again, it is the time of year Canadian and US radio signals start reaching us on "good nights".

Reading about your plans with an FM transmitter, I am not sure if you still can be heard on your old frequency. However, on September 19 I listened to a Christian broadcast for quite some time on 1210 AM. Unfortunately, I did not catch the station ID and was left uncertain if it was still you.

I would be interested to know if you can still be heard with an AM radio this winter.

Otso Ylonen,
Salo, Finland
Admin Reply by: Mark
Thank you for your message, we are happy to hear from you, all the way from Finland!

Yes, VOAR is planning to move to 96.7 FM very soon! For a short time after the transition, 1210 AM will continue to broadcast a message that we've moved to FM. I have no idea if our new 96.7 FM signal will carry all the way to Finland, but with God, anything's possible! Actually, we're currently testing the new station and playing music only, but feel free to try tuning in to 96.7 FM now and see if you can pick us up, maybe on a good night =)

You can also visit our website at and listen live from our front page.

We hope you will continue to be blessed by VOAR's broadcast!

Mark W.