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Prayer Requests

  • Prayer Request for Healing

    Dear Brother/Sister in Christ,

    I write to request your prayers for my eldest sister, who is in critical condition and nearing the point of death. I ask that you pray for her urgent healing to save her.

    I believe that the same God who has wrought mighty miracles of healing in the lives of others in the near and distant past, can also heal her.

    Thank you.

  • Stroke

    Please pray for my father Kiro, who had a stroke on Friday. He is in the ER, not able to move or speak. We are heartbroken and scared, but we know God is the best Healer. Amen.

  • Prayer for healing, marriage, finances, family and job

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I would like to ask for prayers to find a job and to pass a librarian competition this year. May the Lord help me to be as productive as possible, to have the best methods. I also pray to earn more money and thus experience a certain financial stability, even a new job.

  • City mission

    We have a City Mission in August. We want to meet people who are alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals and others. I hope that you will pray that Jesus will save, heal and free them. And that all will go well.

  • Prayer for salvation

    I would like for you to pray for the salvation of my son, Érick and my two brothers, Michel and Christian.

    Thank you and God bless you all!

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Praise Reports

  • I thank and praise God who abundantly protected me through an intense reaction to medication. I thank and praise God that no one was hurt and we're now pretty much up and running! In Jesus' name...

  • God, You are awesome! There is none like You! We thank and praise You for daily helping us, never leaving nor forsaking us, for healing, protecting and delivering us and providing for all our needs. Your word is true and You are the true God! We hail You Almighty! And give You all glory, honor and praise! In the mighty name of Jesus! Hallelujah!

  • Lord, I thank and praise You! There is no one like You! You continue to provide for my family and me (and even all Your children), despite the things coming upon this earth. Thank You for justifying us through the blood of Jesus Christ. We thank You for filling us with Your Holy Spirit. Thank You for promising to hear our prayers and never to leave nor forsake us. Thank You for opening doors that were shut before us. Thank You for healing us of all of our sickness, concerns, attacks and calamities. We praise You, oh God! For You are great and worthy to be praised! In Jesus' name... Hallelujah!



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