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Prayer Requests

  • World Prayer For Jesus

    Please pray that God will help everyone find Jesus and salvation during these perilous times and help us through our daily concerns and needs. Please pray that God will rebuke Satan's kingdom and deliver Jesus' sheep through daily evil. Please pray that God will fill His followers with the Holy Spirit. In Jesus' name...

  • Isolation

    Both of my young adult children and I struggle with mental illness. My son, recently diagnosed and my daughter when she entered her teens. For me, its been as long as I remember. When I step in and try to help, I get rejected. I guess I'm not going about it the right way. I think of suicide often, especially this year and it scares me that I got as close as writing a Goodbye letter. I don't want to do this. The past year has been especially rough, with one challenge after another. I am jobless and afraid of losing my home if I don't find work. Please pray for both of my children to be able to cope as this will be a lifelong struggle. And please pray for me that I will find the right words and actions to support my children. My faith has somewhat dwindled. My faith needs to be restored.

  • Healing and wisdom

    Please pray for me to trust God daily, let Him repair my life and give me wisdom to make good decisions. My heart is broken and I need help today to embrace the pain that I am avoiding for too long. God increase my endurance and willingness and help me to have a longer view beyond the present circumstantial pain. Give me a moment today to encourage someone else and be their source of strength. Amen.

  • Prayer request

    Thank you for your powerful prayers. My husband and I had a very good holiday and had some much-needed rest. Please continue to pray for me, for my healing, deliverance, Bible school process and Christian self-esteem course. Please continue to pray for my finances, a new job, and for my marriage, and for everlasting unity between us. Thanks in advance and wish you all God's blessings.

  • Family needs food, medication and healing

    Please pray that God will provide my family and me with medication, healing, food, protection and peace. In Jesus' name...

  • Fear

    I am saved, but I suffer with fear and worry and anxiety and paranoia. Please pray the fear will stop and I will be free and at peace and fearless.

  • Earth's perilous times...please pray (2 Tim 2:1)

    Please pray that God will be active in all the earth, turning people to Jesus. Help earth's inhabitants each day through all concerns and challenges. Improve their health, daily living, surroundings and protect them from any who would attempt to obstruct them or spiritually deter them. Bless them (and us) in Jesus' way and name... (John 14:6-7)

  • Deliverance and God's spiritual strength

    Please pray that God will deliver my family and me from evil, and fill us with His Holy Spirit. In Jesus' name...

  • Need of Holy Spirit

    Please pray that God will fill my family and me with His Holy Spirit, and transforms us. In Jesus' name...

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Praise Reports


  • I thank and praise God for helping my family and me through a very tough year! I thank and praise God for making ways where there appeared to be no way and for providing for us when there were needs I couldn't meet due to my health. Praise God! You are worthy, O Lord! Your ways are just and true! Praise God, our wonderful God, full of love! Bless His holy name! Hallelujah!

  • I thank and praise God for His presence, help, leadership and love that He grants daily to my family and me. I thank and praise God for never leaving nor forsaking us and for addressing all our daily concerns (Psalm 34:19). God Is awesome and worthy to be praised! In Jesus' name! Hallelujah!

  • Thanking God for never leaving nor forsaking us. In Jesus' name...

  • Sunday morning I was praying over a site filled with intensity and frustrations. Within seconds of praying, I heard a bird singing a beautiful song in that same site area. I knew it was God telling me that He was in control and to trust in Him! Praise God! Our God cares about our concerns and is worthy of our praise! Hallelujah! (Matt 6:25-34; Phil 4:6-9)