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Prayer Requests

  • Prayer

    Prayer requested for...

    - Savannah and Isaiah to be baptized
    - Bret to stop drinking
    - Mark to stop drugs
    - Miranda and her 3 girls to have more faith, hope, peace, power, etc.
    - The prayer wall at my church
    - Deeper faith for prayer partners both near and far
    - Keith to find more sustainable work
    - Rosy to find work
    - I have two big tests coming up — that God would have mercy on me as I pursue my certifications
    - Alex's battalion is being deployed — God have mercy
    - 7 silent requests
    - 1 special request
    - I have to make certain decision in the next two months: wisdom and faith needed
    - David and his family to move forward and make the right choices — wisdom and peace
    - James, Tracey, Jack, and Rob to accept the deeper truths of the Bible


  • Prayer for doctor and medical need

    Please pray that God will provide for my family's need for a doctor, medical care, medications and other daily needs. In Jesus' name...

  • Healing

    Please pray for two people who have heart problems and other health issues, including pain in joints and back, severe edema, high blood pressure and obesity.

  • Elderly Pastor Prayer Request

    Please pray that God will be present with and ensure that my family and I daily receive: 1) His mercy and forgiveness, 2) His Holy Spirit, 3) protection, blessings, healing, deliverance and peace, 4) needed supplies and medications, 5) power to live Christian lives, 6) peaceful coexistence with others, and 7) God's Holy Spirit to be with all ministries worldwide. In Jesus' name...

  • Unspoken prayer request

    Please pray for an unspoken prayer request. Thank you.


Praise Reports

  • I thank and praise God who abundantly protected me through an intense reaction to medication. I thank and praise God that no one was hurt and we're now pretty much up and running! In Jesus' name...

  • God, You are awesome! There is none like You! We thank and praise You for daily helping us, never leaving nor forsaking us, for healing, protecting and delivering us and providing for all our needs. Your word is true and You are the true God! We hail You Almighty! And give You all glory, honor and praise! In the mighty name of Jesus! Hallelujah!

  • Lord, I thank and praise You! There is no one like You! You continue to provide for my family and me (and even all Your children), despite the things coming upon this earth. Thank You for justifying us through the blood of Jesus Christ. We thank You for filling us with Your Holy Spirit. Thank You for promising to hear our prayers and never to leave nor forsake us. Thank You for opening doors that were shut before us. Thank You for healing us of all of our sickness, concerns, attacks and calamities. We praise You, oh God! For You are great and worthy to be praised! In Jesus' name... Hallelujah!



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