VOAR Music Submission Philosophy

VOAR is committed to promoting Canadian and local artists, and we encourage independent artists to submit their material. We have an enormously talented group of artists across the country, and are proud to be able to offer this venue for your music. We just ask that you give us your best.

VOAR has developed a Music Submission Policy consisting of guidelines and helpful reminders to take the guesswork out of submitting music for air-play on VOAR. Please carefully review VOAR’s Music Submission Policy before submitting music to VOAR for air-play. Music submissions not meeting the guidelines stipulated in VOAR’s Music Submission Policy will not be considered for air-play.

Getting heard on the radio is not hard, once you know the system. Follow the artists who make great records, and do what they do. You’ll be in good company.

Click here for VOAR’s Music Submission Policy