VOAR Music Submission Policy

VOAR Music

Only Christian music befitting VOAR’s format will be accepted for review.

Your submission must be a digitally mastered CD that has been released for public sale.

VOAR is a professional broadcast station, so please submit professionally recorded material of good technical quality. The technical quality of your CD should compare favourably when played side by side to your favourite artist.

Please do not submit MP3s. Artists sometimes tell us to go to their web site, and pick out a song we like. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we just can’t do that. Make it easy for us, and mail the CD.

Please ensure all material sent to VOAR has the appropriate copyright approval. If your CD has not been released for public sale, and is not available to the public, please do not submit it for air-play on VOAR.

Your CD must have the MAPL symbol.

In order to qualify as Canadian content under the MAPL system, each song has to meet 2 of the 4 requirements below…

M – Music is written by a Canadian
A – Artist is Canadian
P – Produced in Canada
L – Lyric is written by a Canadian

It is up to you, the artist, to make sure that information is included with your submission.

VOAR does not return submitted CDs.

All CD submissions become the property of VOAR, and will not be returned.

Having your CD played on VOAR is a privilege, and NOT A RIGHT.

VOAR receives thousands of CDs every year, and with our small staff we can’t always give music submissions immediate attention. You should, therefore be aware that it may take a long time to get a CD on the air. Therefore, VOAR cannot guarantee to examine all submissions that we receive.

VOAR will contact you IF your CD is played on-air.

Please refrain from contacting VOAR repeatedly to check on the progress of your submission. With our limited staff, the time taken to answer your enquiry only serves to delay the possible reviewing and airing of your submission. If your CD is reviewed, and subsequently played on-air, we will contact you to let you know.

Your CD and contact information should be mailed to VOAR.

Mail your finished CD and contact information to:

1041 Topsail Road
Mount Pearl, NL
Canada A1N 5E9

If possible, please include a Media Kit consisting of bio, picture, web site and ordering information.