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It’s here!

The SoundWaves Newsletter Fall 2022 Extended Edition!


What makes this an EXTENDED version, you ask?

Well, this extended version contains our Volunteer Highlight, featuring Tolson and Ruby Chapman, which we weren’t able to fit into the limited 8-page printed version. And we have ideas for other items we want to include in future newsletters to make them more appealing, interactive, and user-friendly.


A lot of time, effort, and thought go into creating each newsletter, as well as a substantial cost to print them. Then we need a team of volunteers to come in and assemble them for mailing. This often takes a couple of full days. Then there’s the time to deliver them to the post office, and finally, the substantial cost to mail them.

So, our question to you is…

If you currently receive the printed version of our SoundWaves newsletter, would you consider the digital version instead?

We plan to make it available through e-mail, our website, and possibly through our smartphone app! How convenient would that be?! And it could be easily shared on social media!

If you currently receive the printed version of SoundWaves, please click the button below to let us know you would like the digital version instead.

Thank you so much for your consideration, and we hope you enjoy this edition of SoundWaves!



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Property For Sale


Lighthouse FM has land for sale on our Kenmount Road tower site!

If interested after reviewing the details below, contact Joanne Earle.


Property For Sale

Welcome to the new VOAR…Lighthouse FM!

Better quality
Stereo sound
49% increase in reach on the Avalon Peninsula
And an increase of power…
10,000 watts
100,000 watts!

Welcome to Lighthouse 96.7 FM!

Special thanks to Larry Penney for designing the new Lighthouse logo.