Day and Half-day Sponsorships


At Lighthouse FM Christian Family Radio, we offer a unique opportunity for our listeners to become a part of our broadcast and share special messages with our dedicated audience. With our Day and Half-Day Sponsorship programs, you can commemorate important moments or celebrate the people and events that matter most to you.


Day Sponsorship ($500)


What is a Day Sponsorship?

Choose an available date and make it your own.

Your message will be aired 12 times on that special day.

Share messages for various occasions:

  • Birthday Celebrations: Surprise your loved ones on their special day with a heartfelt message.
  • Anniversaries: Celebrate years of love and commitment.
  • In Memoriam: Pay tribute to a loved one who has passed away.
  • Church Honoring: Recognize your pastor or pastoral team for their dedication and service.
  • Special Occasions: Any special day you want to make even more memorable.

How It Works

Select your preferred date from our available calendar.

Craft a 60-second message that shares your sentiments.

Our professional team will ensure it’s broadcasted 12 times on your chosen date.

Your Impact

Your support helps us continue to provide uplifting and inspiring content to our listeners.

Reach our diverse and engaged audience with your message.


Half-day Sponsorship ($250)


What is a Half-day Sponsorship?

Similar to a Day Sponsorship but with 6 message slots over half a day.

Perfect for sharing your message in a more concise and impactful way.

How It Works

Pick the half-day slot that suits your schedule and message.

Create a 60-second message to be broadcasted 6 times on that half-day.

Your Impact

Make a memorable impression on our listeners.

Support the mission of Lighthouse FM!


Why Choose Lighthouse FM Christian Family Radio?


  • Over 90 years of broadcasting, since 1929!
  • Content that uplifts and inspires.
  • A dedicated and diverse listener base.
  • Your contributions directly support our non-profit mission.


Get Started Today!


Ready to become a Day or a Half-day Sponsor? Contact our team to check availability and start creating your meaningful messages.

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Join us in making our airwaves a place of joy, love, and celebration. Choose Lighthouse FM Radio for your special messages today!