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4th Annual “A million things I need to say – 1k/5k Walk / Run / Roll”

Can you imagine avoiding social situations out of fear of having to introduce yourself? Choosing a career path that minimizes communications demands? Avoiding answering the telephone due to difficulty saying hello? Being silent when knowing inside you have ‘a million things to say’? Stuttering can damage one’s self-confidence and self-esteem, and limit educational, social and career options.

In the 4th Annual “A million things I need to say – 1k/5k Walk / Run / Roll” for Stuttering Awareness and Fundraiser for people who stutter, their families, friends, and other supporters will come together on Sunday, October 3rd at The Pearlgate Track and Field in Mount Pearl to walk / run / roll to raise awareness of stuttering and funds for The Newfoundland and Labrador Stuttering Association.

Proceeds from this event will subsidize specialized treatment and equipment for people who stutter, and others with communication disorders and their families with financial needs to help ensure that they are not denied treatment due to inability to pay. Proceeds will also help support outreach programs, services and advocacy initiatives across the province.

Sunday, October 3
8:30am – 1:00pm (Walk / Run / Roll start time at 10:15am)
Where: The Pearlgate Track and Field in Mount Pearl, 120 Old Placentia Road (behind the Reid Community Centre, the Summit and the Glacier)