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Praise Reports


  • Please pray for an aunt who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Please also pray for her husband, their 3 sons and all their family members during this difficult time.
  • Please remember in prayer a woman who has tested positive for COVID, pray that the effects will be minimal, and she will have a quick recovery.
  • Please remember a dear brother in Christ named Reg. He is currently in ICU after a severe bout of pneumonia, so please pray for Reg and his family at this time.
  • Please pray for me to receive God’s protection and guidance while I am trying to repair and register my vehicle. I can’t find a good mechanic that I can afford as finances are tight. This is causing me a lot of stress and to behave badly. I need guidance from the Holy Spirit in this matter. Amen.
  • Please pray for my granddaughter who is in a relationship that I know is not God's will. May she be drawn back again into a relationship with Jesus.

    I listen to this station frequently at work and in my car. You have blessed so many with your programs, me included.

    May God bless you in these trying times when all around us there is so much happening in our world.