Prayer Requests

Good morning, I need prayer for healing. I need help with anger, and I don’t know how to handle people when they say hurtful things. It is so wonderful to wake up and listen to Lighthouse FM and be encouraged!

Please pray for a mother with young children who recently lost her husband. Pray that they will find comfort and strength in Jesus during this difficult time.

A listener who is having financial problems is finding it difficult to buy groceries after paying other bills. Please remember this person in prayer.

Please remember a listener who is experiencing terrible back pain every day. Please pray that things will get better.

Please remember a listener’s brother who is going through chemo treatments. Also, another listener is dealing with a very bad back and would like us to pray for her.

Could you please pray for me to be free of panic attacks. I experienced two within the last couple of weeks and I had not had one in years. I allowed my thoughts to get away from me. The two incidents happened when I was in a lineup. They are horrible and make me fearful. I am always praying that I will be the most peaceful and calmest person in the room/place. I don’t want to get to the point where I am fearful of going places.

I love listening to VOAR.

God bless and thank you!

Magdalena requests prayer for her eyesight, grief and loss, and other issues. She would also like us to pray for the health and happiness of David, Maya, Pauline and Nicoletta.

Please pray that my daughter, son, and his girlfriend will choose to follow God. From outward appearances, that seems impossible right now. But I know God is working in them. Thank you.

I have some concerning health issues going on. Please pray that the doctor will find out what the problem is. And for healing from our Father in heaven.

I need prayer.

God, please change my life. I need a place to call my home.

I am tired of life.

Praise Reports

A listener who was experiencing constant back pain was able to get up today with no back pain! Praise the Lord!

Giving praise for some direction I received yesterday regarding the vertigo I have. And for safe travels. Thank you, God. I am so grateful for all He has done and is doing in my life.

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