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Prayer Requests

  • Prayer for doctor who's not well, also for mother travelling

    Please pray that God will heal our doctor and return him to effective healing of his patients, and also that God will bless and preserve my family and mother who is travelling alone. In Jesus' name...

  • Stress and healing

    I am studying at university to be a teacher. Please pray for me as I am working on my thesis and must have it submitted soon.

  • Deliverance

    Please pray for healing for Viola and Magdalena.

  • Prayer needed

    A prayer please to help me feel like myself, so I can be of service to others and to feel inspired and happy. Thank you and bless you!

  • Ministry and family

    Please pray that God will protect, lead, and bless our family and ministry. In Jesus' name...

  • Family gathering and concerns

    Please pray that God will fill this Christian family gathering with His Spirit so that actions proceed in a Godly way. In Jesus' name...

Praise Reports


  • I thank and praise God for blessing my family and me with fiances, healing us through sickness and weaknesses, providing for our daily needs, protecting and delivering us daily. God is good all the time and worthy to be praised! Hallelujah!

  • I thank and praise God for helping and leading my family and me and never leaving nor forsaking us. God is good and is worthy to be praised! Hallelujah! Bless His holy name!

  • I thank and praise God for helping my family and me through a very tough year! I thank and praise God for making ways where there appeared to be no way and for providing for us when there were needs I couldn't meet due to my health. Praise God! You are worthy, O Lord! Your ways are just and true! Praise God, our wonderful God, full of love! Bless His holy name! Hallelujah!